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Blend interiors with exteriors with stylish conservatories

Posted on by Bestbuy

The trend of making more of what you’ve got when it comes to property development has seen people across the country embracing the mix of interior and exterior, something almost everyone can get in on for their own home. By adding a conservatory living space to a home you gain extra space, but it also … Continue reading

Patio, bi folding or slide and swing – What Kind Of Door Should I Buy?

Posted on by Bestbuy

We’re well into 2016 now and it’s about this time of the year that we start to see more sunlight again. With the longer days and the warmer weather, it’s only natural that we want to make the most of our gardens and outdoor spaces. One of the most common ways we do this is … Continue reading

The Top 12 Iconic Window Scenes in Movies

Posted on by Bestbuy

At Bestbuy we’re passionate about our glazing and windows. You won’t find a team more dedicated to knowledge on windows and to prove it, we’ve drawn up 12 of our favourite window scenes to feature in iconic movies. From classics through to modern blockbusters, we’ve got some iconic scenes which you might just recall seeing … Continue reading

Double Glazing & Windows Glossary

Posted on by Bestbuy

Hearing the term ‘double glazing’ can conjure up all sorts of images and associations in our minds, but many people still aren’t quite clear on what it is. The performance of our windows is important for the environment and our comfort, so it’s vital that we understand some of the terminology and what different materials … Continue reading

Make The Most Of Your Living Space With Slide & Swing Doors

Posted on by Bestbuy

We’re always trying to enhance our homes, sometimes to increase the value of the property, but most of the time it’s in an effort to create a more comfortable living space for ourselves and our families. Traditional patio doors to the side or rear of a property are still popular but many people are switching … Continue reading

What Is The Difference Between Double And Triple Glazing?

Posted on by Bestbuy

As part of our dedication to bringing you the best products for the best price and helping you to better insulate your home, here at Bestbuy we are offering to upgrade your windows to triple glazing when you buy double glazing from us. To give you a better idea of what triple glazing is, the … Continue reading

Buying Double Glazing Guide with Bestbuy

Posted on by Bestbuy

Thinking of buying new windows? If you’re not sure about what you want or what you can afford, we offer you a rough estimate, giving you something to work with as you mull things over. When you get in touch with us we won’t hassle or chase you, we simply offer the best information we … Continue reading

Double Glazing Or Secondary Glazing?

Posted on by Bestbuy

Choosing windows for your home might not seem like a big decision at first, but there are so many things to consider and many benefits to be had from getting new glazing for your windows. There are two different options out there for you, double glazing and secondary glazing, and both have their qualities, but … Continue reading

Time for a spring clean? Top tips to make your windows shine

Posted on by Bestbuy

Everyone wants their home to look as good as possible; it comes down to a sense of pride in looking after the property which you’ve worked hard for, but it can also help you if you put your home up for sale. From the outside, your windows are one of the most prominent features that … Continue reading

Build a conservatory or change the windows: The top ways to add value to your home

Posted on by Bestbuy

While the housing market might seem like it’s back on the mend, many people still don’t trust the tentative shoots of growth enough to gamble on the market. The help-to-buy scheme has helped push some activity on, but if you want to ensure you improve the value of your property then you’re better off making … Continue reading