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Buying Double Glazing Guide with Bestbuy

Posted on by Bestbuy

Thinking of buying new windows?

Thinking of buying new Bestbuy windows?

If you’re not sure about what you want or what you can afford, we offer you a rough estimate, giving you something to work with as you mull things over. When you get in touch with us we won’t hassle or chase you, we simply offer the best information we can and let you make the decision.

Bestbuy home visits and surveys

While other companies might pressure you in a lengthy meeting or inundate you with follow up calls, we simply provide any advice you might need to make the right decision for your property. Once we’ve gone, we leave it up to you to choose, but you can always call us to ask follow-up questions if you require more information.

Getting a quote from Bestbuy
There is no trickery at work behind our low prices, we tell you the price straight, we don’t hide behind flashy deals or confuse you with sales tactics. While other salespeople might work on commission, we have no chain and won’t try to sell things you don’t need, keeping the costs down for everyone.

You can also expect our quoted price to include the removal and disposal of your existing windows too – something other companies will charge for on top of their initial price.

Bestbuy's product
Regardless of whether you have a newly built home, an older property or a Grade II listed building, we have something to suit every property. By using high quality, virgin uPVC we can guarantee against the framework distorting and cracking, but at the end of its life it can be fully recycled so that you can be environmentally friendly.

Buying windows from Bestbuy
Your personal project manager, whether for a domestic or commercial installation, is there to ensure everything runs smoothly and can answer any queries you might have about the work. This comes at no extra cost, we just like taking responsibility for the work we’re carrying out.

Bestbuy double glazing installation
We carry out installations in wind, rain or snow, there are very few situations where we would not be able to carry out the job because of the elements. Depending on how many windows you’re having fitted, the time taken on the installation can vary, but on average it will only take a couple of days.

Bestbuy window aftercare

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You can even contact our team at any point to ask questions before, during and after your installation. We aim to provide a full aftercare package, ensuring you’re happy and can enjoy your windows for years to come.

What makes us great is that we have all the qualities of a national company without needing to go for the hard sale. We have the values of a small company but the professionalism which comes with being bigger than most one-man band operation.

Whether you want security, energy efficiency or a pleasing aesthetic from your windows, we offer it all. Contact us if you have any queries about our process and we’ll be happy to advise you or arrange a free home visit.


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